Newbould Model 211 Spindle Indexer
Ball bearing Indexing workholding spindle for Milling, Grinding or Inspection
Newbould 211 Spindle Out of Stock 4-24-17

The Newbould Model 211 modular spindle with vari-speed reversible motor

* 72 index positions with zero null feature

* 40 millionths or less T.I.R.

* 1-5/8 " Thru hole

* Reversible foot

Add a 5-C adapter and drawbar

Add a 4" dia. Schmidt Magnetic chuck

By removing the rear pulley, the versatile

Model 211 can be used with the axis

being vertical.

Especially handy on the grinder.

Mount the motor on top or either side.

Add the vee block and flat clamp

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