Stainless Steel Indexer, Workholder, for WIRE EDM and Grinding

Newbould Wireone 5-C Stainless Indexer Currently In Stock

This is the basic Wireone head upon which can be attached various styles of workholders

* Hardened 420 Stainless Steel

* 72 precision ground teeth (5 degree increments)

* 2" center height when mounted on 1/2" foot

* With 2 heads, one can be used for setup on a surface plate and the workholder transferred to the head in the machine.

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The popular, economical, 5-C taper attachment. The adapter can be removed from the head for inspecting the part, and replaced in the machine with no loss of position.

Views of the 5-C adapter on the basic head

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Workholding methods for the Newbould Wireone are almost unlimited.

"Three words sum-up the Newbould Wireone fixture. It's QUICK, EASY, and PRECISE, with the emphasis on precise. The Wireone fixture took a difficult part with multiple angled set-ups and made it simple, with repeatable accuracy.
          The personal attention that RJ gave us in designing and building the fixturing for this part was very impressive.
          We would recommend the Wireone fixture to any toolroom."
Cameron Hempel
Wire EDM
Hutchinson Technology Inc.
Hutchinson, MN
        Hutchinson Technology is the leading worldwide supplier of suspension assemblies for disk drives. Suspension assemblies are precise metal springs that hold a disk drive's recording head at microscopic distances above the drive's disks.
        Hutchinson Technology designs and manufactures suspension assemblies for all sizes of disk drives produced by all the major disk drive makers.


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